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We offer pre-financed technical assistance and market access to accelerate the development and sales of carbon credits. And where applicable, follow up investments for the project.

What we offer >

We offer a range of projects that deliver high-quality carbon credits including its biodiversity and local community benefits, Natural Climate Solutions.

What we offer >

We offer high-quality bankable projects for their biodiversity and carbon commitments and a portfolio of investment opportunities.

What we offer >

Impact targets 2030


Hectares of tropical forest
conserved or restored


Carbon stored

€ 150

Project investments facilitated
by Treevive

> € 100

Revenue generated for projects
via carbon credits

Our mission

Our mission is to create impact by developing 30+ investment-ready tropical forest carbon landscape projects and connect them to climate finance in order to conserve, restore and sustainably manage two million hectares of tropical forest landscapes that sequester 30 MTCo2 by 2030.