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What we offer to forest project owners

Treevive offers forest managers pre-finance and technical assistance to create forest carbon projects, or upgrade existing projects. We work together based on shared commitments and risks. We facilitate access to the carbon market and our network of investors and buyers.
A carbon credit revenue stream is generally not the main or only business case driver for sustainable forest management. We can also offer services to develop other revenue drivers for forest managers such as timber or agroforestry products. Also, support can be offered on project management, implementation and monitoring.

What we offer to companies

Treevive offers credits to responsible and committed corporate buyers seeking and valuing high-quality and fair-priced forest carbon credits that make a lasting impact. We enquire our buyers to guarantee that their purchases of credits are part of a broader reduction strategy. In which emissions are accounted, reduced, avoided and offset on a pathways to a science-based net-zero target that is aligned with the Paris Agreement (2015) and with concrete targets and progress in the near future. We view offsets as a short-term option for relevant impact and an effective tool to compensate remaining emissions. Our buyers should not be involved in deforestation and/or forest degradation activities.

What we offer to investors

Treevive offers investors like development finance institutions, investment funds of banks, or companies and green finance facilities, a unique opportunity to become part of our transformative community. Together we accelerate climate finance for conservation, restoration and sustainable forest management of tropical forests. Forestry is by its nature long-term and that is also how we see our relationships. We offer opportunities to invest in the development of new forest carbon landscapes, follow up investments in developed and bankable forest landscape projects, and directly in Treevive itself. We offer a return in carbon credits, financial returns, or a combination of both.