Colombia – Corpocampo

Colombia – Corpocampo

Promoting sustainable community agroforestry in the Colombian Amazon

In the heart of the Colombian Amazon lies this remarkable project led by Corpocampo. Corpocampo is a not-for-profit organisation with a focus on the sustainable production of Amazonian non-timber forest products through an outgrower scheme. The central objective is to improve the well-being of local communities while fostering the responsible management of natural resources.

Currently, the project entails the collaboration of 800 families who are engaged in establishing agroforestry systems around Açai palms. However, the vision is to amplify this effort, expanding the initiative to encompass more hectares per family, resulting in organic agroforestry.

This expansion is not only about the growth of trees; it signifies substantial soil regeneration, the sequestration of CO₂, and the preservation of pristine primary forests. By supporting small producers with necessary resources, technical guidance, training, and equitable contracts, Corpocampo envisions a harmonious future where both nature and communities thrive.

Project name: Promoting sustainable community agroforestry in the Colombian Amazon

Location: Putumayo, Colombia

Project type: ARR, Removals, agroforestry systems

Project proponent: Corpo Campo (Website Corpo Campo)

Project status: Feasibility Study

Project area: 747 ha

Project period: 36 years (start date: 01/01/2023)

Total emission reductions: 131.290 tCO2e

First expected issuance: 2029

Standard: Verified Carbon Standard

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  • 04/08/2023

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