Mozambique – Levasflor

Mozambique – Levasflor

Sustainable Forest Management in native Miombo forests

Mozambique’s Miombo forests bear witness to a pioneering initiative known as the Miombo 500, organised by LevasFlor. Managing and operating 46,000 hectares of native Miombo forests, LevasFlor is a beacon of sustainable forest management in Mozambique. The primary goal is to extend this effort to cover 500,000 ha of Miombo forests to counteract the disconcerting pace of deforestation.

The project’s significance lies in its comprehensive approach, comprising three essential components: an optimized local timber value chain, a non-profit foundation dedicated to community development, and a research center aimed at enhancing knowledge about lesser-known Miombo tree species.

Through sustainable forest management, LevasFlor pioneers a model that resonates with environmental sustainability, economic growth, and social progress – all while preserving the invaluable biodiversity harbored by the Miombo ecosystem.

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  • 04/08/2023