New forest carbon accelerator Treevive to be launched soon!

Form International will launch the initiative Treevive to accelerate private sector climate finance for the long-term conservation, restoration and sustainable management of tropical forest landscapes to protect biodiversity, set local value chains in motion, and improve livelihoods for the local population.

Conserving and restoring tropical forest landscapes are essential to combat global climate change and preventing biodiversity loss. Despite their tremendous mitigation potential, they remain underfunded.

Treevive will accelerate private sector climate finance by bridging the existing gap between forest landscape projects wishing to receive carbon finance and businesses and investors who are seeking to fund these kinds of projects. Treevive will focus on new project development, offering technical assistance and (pre-)financing forest landscape projects and to connect these projects to investors and buyers of quality forest carbon credits.

Paul Hol, CEO Form International: ‘Building on our organisation’s network and track-record in developing forest assets, Treevive is unique in facilitating sustainable relationships and tailor-made matches. This is a very necessary and powerful initiative to generate and expand investments towards sustainable land use and forest management based on the highest possible standards to channel climate investments to where they are most needed’.

Form International will organize an event in the beginning of 2022 to officially launch the initiative Treevive.

Do you want to learn more about Treevive or are you a project manager, investor or buyer of quality carbon credits of nature based solutions and interested to join us, please contact Paul Hol, CEO Form International ( or Liesbeth Gort, CEO Treevive (