Meet Christiaan Spencer – Project Officer at Treevive

Christiaan Spencer

“My passion for forests and nature has been the driving force behind my academic pursuits in biology, forestry, and nature conservation. Working at Treevive, I harness this knowledge to make a difference through impact-driven tropical forest projects! I find my stride when theory meets practice, transforming ideas into projects that benefit many and contribute to a sustainable future where forests are preserved for generations to come.” – Christiaan Spencer

With an academic background in biology, forestry, and nature conservation, Christiaan brings his expertise as a Project Officer. This title reflects his involvement in unfolding and assessing new projects, where he pays close attention to their content and quality.

My role primarily revolves around projects and their critical evaluation. I enjoy study tropical forest projects, ensuring they meet our quality standards and truly make the intended difference. It’s fascinating to delve into the scientific foundation and verify whether what’s on paper can indeed be realized.’ – says Christiaan.

He mentions that the fast-paced and proactive nature is inherent in the company culture, typical of a rapidly growing startup environment. As Treevive expands, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining a structured approach. He is enthusiastic about the ongoing projects and the potential to create tangible impact. While recognizing the challenges of the carbon market, he underscores that transparency and measurable impact are crucial for the success of Treevive and our project partners.

Christiaan is thrilled to be part of a network of passionate individuals who believe in making a difference. He looks forward to the continued growth of Treevive and making a concrete impact in tropical forest areas worldwide.