Ghana – Form International

Ghana – Form International

Restoration of a degraded forest area in the central part of Ghana

Amidst the charming landscapes of Ghana’s Central region lies a project of significance initiated by Form International. Recognized for its aesthetic beauty and cultural diversity, this area has suffered from degradation. Form International strives to restore the ecological and agricultural benefits of this degraded forest area while simultaneously uplifting the lives of local cocoa farmers.

Central to the strategy is the implementation of a zoning system, wherein mixed species plantings and the Allanblackia specie is central. Moreover, conservation areas will undergo restoration through assisted natural regeneration. The project extends its impact to cocoa farmers, encouraging the integration of Allanblackia into their farms to enhance both climate resilience and diversified income sources.

Form International’s initiative goes beyond a typical restoration project; it encapsulates the revival of landscapes, cultures, and livelihoods in the Central part of Ghana.

Project name: Restoration of two degraded Forest Reserves in Ghana

Location: Ghana

Project type: ARR, Forest restoration and commercial forestry

Project proponent: Form International (Website FI)

Project status: Feasibility and project design

Project area: TBD

Project period: TBD

Total emission reductions:TBD

First expected issuance:TBD

Standard: TBD

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  • 04/08/2023