Peru – Amazon Restoration Company

Peru – Amazon Restoration Company

Forest landscape restoration in the Amazon rainforest in Peru

Form International
Form International

In Peru’s Pucallpa region, the Amazon rainforest that once thrived has given way to agricultural expansion, ranches, and land speculation. Form International Peru has risen to the challenge, embarking on a project aimed at restoring deforested and degraded land while fostering economic activities in the region.

Central to the initiative is the establishment of mixed forestry plantations featuring native tree species. This is complemented by the construction of a timber processing facility that will supply (FSC-certified) timber to both domestic and international markets. An innovative outgrower program aims to enhance a sustainable timber supply while improving agroforestry practices and livelihoods.

By investing in Amazon Restoration Company, you contribute to transforming degraded lands into an ecological buffer zone, facilitating the migration and re-establishment of diverse flora and fauna within the Amazon rainforest.

Project name: Amazon Forest Landscape Restoration Peru

Location: Peru, Ucayali Department

Project type: ARR, Landscape restoration and mixed native plantations

Project proponent: Amazon Restoration Company – Form International  (Website FI)

Project status: PDD development

Project area: 10.000 ha

Project period: 50 years

Total emission reductions: 1.426.608 tCO2e

First expected issuance: 2027

Standard: Gold Standard

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