Treevive gets financial injection to scale as forest carbon accelerator

Treevive is proud to announce a partnership with Mobilising Finance for Forests (MFF) and the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO). MFF and FMO announced the investment of USD 2.5mln into Treevive today at the COP27 in Egypt. The investment is made through the MFF development capital facility of the UK government.

The investment helps us to develop and market Natural Climate Solutions and improve the pipeline for investors looking to invest in tropical forest landscape projects. In addition, the projects deliver high-quality carbon credits to companies that want to offset their currently unavoidable emissions.

Liesbeth Gort, CEO and co-founder of Treevive, is very pleased with this significant collaboration: “We need to steer more financial capital to the restoration and conservation of tropical forest landscapes, as this natural capital is still underfunded. We are therefore very pleased that MFF helps us to develop more investment ready projects.

Today is biodiversity day, a good moment to highlight the importance of creating solutions that not only address climate issues, but also benefits biodiversity. Forests are home to over half the world’s biodiversity and essential for the provision of a wide range of ecosystem services. In addition, our tropical forest landscape projects also support the development of local and indigenous communities by providing additional benefits such as employment and economic development.

We encourage owners of tropical forest landscape projects in need of technical and/or financial assistance and corporate buyers in need of high-quality carbon credits to get in touch with us.

Please read the complete FMO press release here.