Treevive and FORCERT collaborate to protect Papua New Guinea’s forests by empowering the Tavolo community

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with FORCERT, a distinguished NGO dedicated to environmental conservation and community empowerment. Together, we embark on a journey to support the Tavolo REDD+ Project in Papua New Guinea’s East New Britain Province, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at developing resilience and self-reliance within the Tavolo community.

The Tavolo REDD+ Project, developed by FORCERT, operates in close partnership with the Tavolo community. At its core, the project seeks to empower the local community to combat deforestation and land conversion challenges, particularly in the face of threats from large-scale logging and oil palm plantations.

An essential aspect of the Tavolo REDD+ Project is its commitment to prevent ‘planned deforestation’ of the forested ancestral lands of the Tavolo community. This proactive strategy ensures that the intentional and premeditated clearing of forests by commercial organizations is halted, preserving the traditional culture, land use, and biodiversity of the Tavolo community.

The project area covers an expansive 21,164 hectares of ancestral land, 16,493 hectares consist of forest cover. This forest not only shelters numerous endemic species, but also protects Tavolo’s beaches and coral reefs, the breeding sites for various endangered marine species, like endangered turtle species. By preventing deforestation, the Tavolo REDD+ Project safeguards the biodiversity of the region and mitigates climate change by preventing 5 million tons of CO2 emissions over 30 years.

Certified under both VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and CCBS (Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard), the Tavolo REDD+ Project stands as a beacon of environmental sustainability and community well-being. Recognizing the global significance of these forests, the project is committed to preserving the delicate balance between nature conservation and the development aspirations of local communities.

To ensure the prosperity of the Tavolo community, the project has established the PNG Communities Benefits from Environmental Services Trust (BEST). This trust aims to provide sustainable income opportunities through forest protection, envisioning a future where both nature and communities thrive. The income generated from carbon credits serves as a crucial incentive, supporting the community’s efforts in safeguarding their environment while improving their standard of living.

“Our project’s aim is clear: combat deforestation, empower communities, and nurture a sustainable coexistence between people and nature, forging a path towards responsible land use, safeguarding our forests, and improving community well-being in this beautiful region in Papua New Guinea.” – Peter Dam Forcert

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