Treevive breakfast networking event Friday 19th

Treevive hosted a breakfast networking event last Friday, bringing together 40 participants within our network, representing diverse fields but all engaged in the voluntary carbon market (VCM). Luckily almost all attendees managed to navigate their way to Antropia in Driebergen-Zeist, despite the winter weather. Our guests included individuals with an investment background, project developers, expert consultants, and buyers of carbon credits.

The morning began with a short presentation by Treevive, detailing our current standing and recent developments. Following this, our guest speaker, Jessica den Outer, delved into the topic of Rights of Nature. With a legal background and a deep passion for nature, Jessica has become an expert on the subject, also reflected in her position at the UN as Rights for Nature expert. She explained the concept of Rights of Nature with great interest and conviction, captivating the audience. Jessica cited famous historical examples of lawsuits and explained how the rights of nature were debated and established. The topic easily sparked a discussion as participants raised questions about the rights for nature in connection to carbon and property rights or how these rights could be integrated into the stakeholder assessments, for example in forestry carbon projects.

The session continued with a series of statements, allowing participants to share their perspectives. This led to valuable discussions where participants openly shared both knowledge and doubts. The session ended with the possibility for informal networking. Based on the feedback of the participants and the fact that the venue staff had to eventually send us all out, we can conclude is was a successful event.

Thank you all who braved the winter weather to join us. Your diverse perspectives from different backgrounds made it an inspiring and insightful morning!