Why Treevive

Today, on International Day of Forests, let‘s celebrate the important role that Treevive is playing for forests worldwide. Forests are vital for the health of our planet and are essential for providing clean air, water, and food. We must work together to protect our forests and the biodiversity they provide.  Treevive’s work contributes to social and biodiversity benefits and is tremendously important in the fight against climate change. We would like to underline the importance to bridge the existing gap between forest landscape projects wishing to receive carbon finance and business and investors who are seeking to fund this kind of projects.

Climate finance for tropical forest landscapes
Liesbeth Gort, CEO of Treevive and former CEO of FSC the Netherlands: “Forest landscapes are still underfunded despite their enormous potential to mitigate climate change and halt biodiversity loss. Besides, more than 25% of the world’s population relies on forest resources for their livelihoods. I see it as my personal mission to connect forest solutions for people, nature and climate to investors to create lasting social and environmental impact together”. Almost a year ago Liesbeth decided to team up with Form International to design and set up this forest carbon accelerator to channel climate finance to where it is most needed: tropical forest landscapes. An increasing number of companies and investors have ambitious climate and biodiversity commitments. Treevive offers the opportunity to close the gap between forest landscape projects in need of financial solutions and companies and investors in search of bankable forestry projects.

Treevive supports tropical forest project owners with funding and technical assistance to accelerate the development of the carbon asset of their project. Treevive also guides to market the results of these projects – including its biodiversity and local community’s benefits – by offering companies that want to offset their unavoidable CO2 emissions through high-quality carbon credits, and investors bankable forest landscape projects.

Building on 30 years of experience
Treevive is powered by Form International and thus builds on 30 years of expertise in investments and development of (agri)forest landscape projects in tropical regions in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Paul Hol, CEO Form International: ‘Building on our organisation’s network and track record in developing forest assets, Treevive is unique in facilitating sustainable relationships and tailor-made matches. This is a very necessary and powerful initiative to generate and expand investments towards sustainable land use and forest management based on the highest possible standards to channel climate investments to where they are most needed’.

Treevive has already engaged with the first investors and projects. This means that the forest carbon accelerator has already taken off and is delivering its first results. As Liesbeth Gort says: “With the first investors and 7 tropical forest landscape projects on board, and the first carbon credits brought to market, we are now on our way to realizing our goal to restore, protect and sustainably manage two million hectares of tropical forest landscapes by 2030”.